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Application of structure-borne sound system usc4000 

The usc4000 visualizes contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. Thus, it helps in finding effectively and fast the moment of contact. The grinding process and spark-out is visible and gives the operator the necessary security. The usc4000 makes sure that when dressing a grinding wheel no unwanted grooves remain. The usc4000 is especially indispensable with internal grinding where the view is hidden between the workpiece and the grinding wheel. Connecting the machine controller with the usc4000 makes automatic wheel contact and dressing possible (CNC machines).

In short:

  • The usc4000 saves time
  • Reduces grinding wheel wear
  • Reduces scrap
  • Increases production
  • Increases safety
  • It's fun


Anyone who has ever used it will not do without it. More information can be found in this pdf or video usc4000 on this page.

The usc4000 is used on surface and cylindrical grinding machines, as well as related processes.


The LED bar graph display shows the active grinding process.